Your Gas Fireplace Demands Proper Maintenance


Gas fireplaces have grown in popularity over the years because of their ease of use! With the flip of a switch or a turn of a key, you can have a warm, toasty fire blazing at your convenience. With the same easy motion, you can turn it off without worrying about embers or adding more firewood to feed the flames. While there is significantly less maintenance and upkeep that is needed for gas fireplace compared to a wood-burning one, gas fireplaces still need to be properly maintained to work their best. With annual inspection and cleaning, your gas fireplace can continue to work at optimal performance levels for years to come.

Below, please find simple maintenance steps that can help extend the life of your gas fireplace, ensuring it continues to work safely and efficiently:

Annual Inspection

Similar to their wood-burning counterparts, gas fireplaces are recommended to have a professional inspection and cleaning annually. A professional inspection can check things that typical homeowners can’t, such as cleaning out the ODS valve, checking carbon monoxide levels, and making sure the venting is working properly.


Abrasive chemical cleaners, including normal glass cleaners, can damage the finish on your gas fireplace or accidentally ignite. While the exterior glass door and metal finish can be wiped with a damp cloth as often as needed, you may want to consider calling a professional to deep clean your gas fireplace.

Before any cleaning is done, ensure that the gas valve has been completely turned off and that none of the fireplace components are hot from recent use. This will prevent the gas from accidentally igniting during the cleaning process. Use a dry cloth or soft, clean paintbrush to remove the dust from the logs, burners, and control compartment. A vacuum can be used to clean hard to reach areas or to remove dust, if needed.

Replacing Glass or Logs

While the components of your gas fireplace are designed to withstand high temperatures and average wear and tear, they can become damaged from overuse or lack of maintenance. When replacing any part of your gas fireplace, be sure the parts you use are specifically designed for your particular fireplace model. Ill-fitting glass doors can result in loss of heat or glass entering the room. Similarly, improperly installed gas logs can cause the fireplace to lose performance and efficiency along with the buildup of carbon.

To ensure that the replacement parts you’ve selected are designed for use with your existing fireplace and are installed safely and correctly, work with the professionals and Westside Appliance Repair.

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