How to Prep for Your Appliance Repair Service

Save time – and money – with these simple tips to maximize your repair service appointment

Providing us with the necessary information up front allows us to service your appliance more efficiently. By taking a bit of time to properly prepare for your maintenance, you can help make your repair service appointment run as quickly and smoothly as possible. Read below to learn more about how to prep for your service call.


What information does Westside Appliance Repair need from me when I am making my service appointment?

When you make your service call, please be prepared to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the make, model number and serial number of your appliance needing maintenance or repair?
  2. What was the purchase date of the machine and where did you purchase it from?
  3. Is your machine under warranty or are you responsible for payment?
  4. Can you provide a thorough description of the problem to help with diagnostic?
  5. What days are you available to schedule your service appointment?

We ask that our customers provide this information to us upfront because it helps our techs identify the potential problem beforehand, and come to your home prepared with necessary replacement parts that work with your specific appliance. This can save you an additional service trip which will save you time and money.

Westside has the largest stock of parts in Central Iowa, however, for some appliances we may need to special order your part. By providing us with the information needed about your specific appliance upfront, we can order these parts in time for your appointment.


Make sure there is clear access to the appliance that needs repair.

Cleaning up around your appliance will make your technician’s job easier and faster. Remove anything or anyone (small children and pets included) from the room or area around your appliance. This will give the technician space to work, as well as prevent any safety hazards for kids or pets.


Shut down the appliance before your Technician arrives.

Discontinue use of any appliance needing service at least 3 hours before your appliance repair technician is scheduled to arrive. If your appliance is too hot, the technician may not be able to do his or her job.

For more information on how to prep for your appliance repair, feel free to call Westside at 515-276-8899.