Sorting Your Laundry Actually Helps Your Washing Machine


You may have learned the hard way what happens if you mix your reds and your whites… but on some lazy laundry days, you may have experienced the temptation to just mix all your clothes together and hope for the best while getting your clothes washed faster. Did you know that not sorting your clothes can actually lead to washing machine damage?

When loads contain mixed fabrics, using the right setting to prevent strain on the machine’s motor is important. Sorting also promotes more size-efficient washer loads. Sorting your laundry will help you achieve the main goal of properly cleaning your clothing without causing damage to your clothes or your washer.

Tips for sorting your laundry:

  1. Sort by color – Whites with whites, reds with reds, darks with darks. This is fundamental laundry etiquette since it prevents running colors from ruining lighter garments. Wash new garments that are most likely to bleed separately for the first time, and use cool or cold water whenever possible to reduce color bleeding.
  2. Sort by fabric – There are many different ways to sort by fabrics, based on your washer settings, fabric weight and whether the fabric leaves lint or not. Wash towels together to prevent them from leaving lint on your other clothing. Wash delicate items in one load and heavier items in another. Especially items should be washed in a garment bag with a normal load. Always wash things like blankets flannels and other heavy fabrics alone. When washing heavier fabrics, be careful not to overload the machine.
  3. Sort by Soil Type and Amount – Lastly, sort your clothing by how dirty they are or the type of dirt is on them. Typically, most clothing and household linens get dirty from normal wear and use. When clothing is especially dirty, or soiled with oil, gasoline, mud or something more than just dirt, care should be taken. Wash these items separately to keep them from spreading that soil to other garments when being washed.

By paying attention to aspects such as color, fabric weight, type of soil, you will be able to run your washing machine more efficiently, putting less wear and tear on it while limiting potential damage to your garments. If you washing machine is broken, do not hesitate to call Westside Appliance Repair!